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Srinagar is the beautiful city in uttarakhand lies in the foot hills of Himalayas.The historic town of srinagar is located on the bank of river Alaknanda. Srinagar is derives from Sri- yantra mythical giant rock so evil that whoever set their eyes on it would immediately die. The rock was believed to have taken as many as thousand lives before Adi Shankaracharya, in the 8th century AD, as a part of an undertaking aimed to rejuvenate the Hindu religion across India, visited Srinagar and turned the Sri Yantra upside down and hurled it into the nearby river Alaknanda. To this day, this rock is believed to be lying docile in the underbelly of the river. That area is now known as Sri Yantra Tapu.

For centuries, Srinagar has been the Capital of the Garhwal Kingdom until the arrival of the British. The town has weathered at least two catastrophic events in its recent history. First, on September 8, 1803; a powerful earthquake that shook the entire region of Uttarakhand proved to be devastating for Srinagar in particular. The intermittent earthquakes along with heavy downpour and landslides wreaked havoc on this small town wiping out almost all of the structures and relics of the town that stood there for centuries. The cruel tragedy struck the town again, when on August 26, 1894, over 10,000 million cubic feet of water from the breached Gohna Tal (Lake) near the town of Chamoli swept away the town of Srinagar completely.
The modern day Srinagar was re-established by the British during 1897-99. Mr E. K. Pauw, the then Deputy Commissioner, British Garhwal, after the old capital was totally washed off and destroyed by the floods, planned a new grid-iron pattern town and relocated it to the third upper terrace to the SE of the old site. Srinagar was given the urban status in 1931. Today, with home to H N Bahuguna Garhwal University.

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Kamleshwar Mahadev
This temple of Kamleshwar Mahadev is dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to the legend, Lord Vishnu on his visit to this place liked it so much that he decided to pray to Lord Shiva here. Lord Vishnu also decided to offer Lord Shiva 1000 Lotuses (Kamal) as a token of his devotion. He then collected 1000 Lotuses and sat to pray. To test Lord Vishnu’s devotion, Lord Shiva quietly hid one of the Lotuses. At the end oh his prayers when Lord Vishnu found one lotus missing, he decided to substitute it with one of his beautiful Lotus-eyes (Lord Visnu is also called ‘Kamalnayan’ due to his Lotus-like eyes). But before Lord Vishnu could pluck one of his eyes with his sword, Lord Shiva appeared smilingly with the missing Lotus in his hand. To celebrate this incidence a temple was made here, Kamaleshwar (God with Lotus flower).

Kilkileshwar Mahadev
This temple, established by Shankaracharya, the legendry Hindu Guru, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located on the banks of river Alaknanda

Shankarmath, with its unique architectural beauty, located at a distance of about 3 Km from main city of Srinagar is believed to be built by Adi Guru Shankaracharya. The central room of the temple has idols of God Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

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By road,
Srinagar is well connected with major destinations like Pauri (29 Km), Dehradun(153km), Haridwar(130km), Rishikesh(109km).

Nearest railhead is at Rishikesh (109 Km)

Nearest airport is Jolly Grant of Dehradun.

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