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Scenic Shimla, The biggest Hill station of the world and the capital of  Himachal Pardesh at height of 2,100 metre .it was discovered by British officer Lt Rose, during the Ghorka war and was named after the temple of Goddess Shamla, which was situated here amidst thickly wooded forest.

History of Shimla

History of Shimla goes back to the period of Anglo-Gurkha war in the beginning of 19th century. In 1804 the Gurkhas , who had suffered a severe defeat at the hands of the Sikhs at the battle of Kangra, a hill fortress about sixty miles from Shimla, where according to some accounts they lost thousand of men in the fight and many others from disease, commenced to ravage the states and hills surrounding Shimla. Gurkhas built many forts around Shimla. One of these strongholds, the Jagatgarh fortress, was the origin of the modern Jutogh, the well known military cantonment adjoining Shimla.

By 1808 the invaders had conquered all the fortified posts between the Jamuna and Satluj, and from their capital Arki began their ruthless rule over the neighbouring hill states, untill at length the people in their wretchedness appealed to the British for help.

A small British force under Major General ‘Sir David Ochterlony’ was despatched to liberate the hill men from Gurkhas. Majority of hill chiefs responded to the call and joined the British forces. The rivals were engaged in the toughest battle at 3750 ft high Ramgarh fort at Nalagarh A decisive battle took place near the fort at Malaon in which superior guns of the British overpowered the enemy.

The battle of Malaon on 15th May 1815 ended the dream of the Gurkhas, to rule over this part of the land for any longer. After few days, an official declaration was made according to which all Chieftains who had joined British in expelling the Gurkhas were restored with their land under the British protection. The maharaja of Patiala who has also rendered invaluable services to the British was rewarded with land in the neighbourhood of the area now comprising Shimla. After the defeat of Gurkhas they were forced to sign the ‘Treaty of Sanjauli’ . The company retained the strategic forts of Sabathu, Kotgarh, Ramgarh and Sandoch.


Culture of Shimla

Shimla culture reflects the tradition and life pattern of the pahari people.

Shimla culture is full of lifestyle, art and craft, fairs and festivals, food, dance, music,language or clothes.

Lifestyle : The living pattern of the majority of people in Shimla is still that of a rural. Agriculture and livestock keeping are the two main occupations of the people.

Art and Craft : The greatest example of the Culture of Shimla is the handworks of its people. You can check out the Thapada and Kohana- two styles of embroidery, bamboo items made by the Dom tribe. Apart from this Shimla also provides you its unparallel art of metal, stone and wood crafting.

Fairs and Festivals : Fairs and festivals are an essential part of Culture in Shimla and you can experience its charm as the city celebrates them all around the year. The main attractions amongst them are the Summer and Winter festivals, Shivratri, the Ice Skating Carnival and International Folk Festival.

Food and Music : Two famous recipes of Shimla are Baadi/Ghaunda, and Bada/Poldu. The tribal music in Shimla is very famous. Instruments like Ektara, Jhanjh, Manjara, Chimta,etc. are used here.

Dance : The major dance forms of Shimla are the Rakshasa Dance or the Dance of the Demon, the Kayang Dance and the Rasa Dance.

Language : Hindi is the offically language but most of the peoples of shimla speak local languages Himachali.

Traditional Clothes : Clothes too reflect the Shimla Culture-be it Salwar, Kameez , Kurta or the long knee length gown known as Juan Chadiyan.


Things to do in Shimla

The Ridge: It is the largest open space in the heart of the city and the major attraction of shimla. Tourist takes the leisurely walk through the mall road and lakkar Bazar and enjoy the scenic beauty and charm of Shimla.

Christ Chruch: It is the second oldest church in the northern India built between 1846 and is set on the edge of the Ridge and noted for its Neo-Gothic architecture and immense historical value.

The mall road: it is main shopping area of Shimla. The Gaiety theatre here is a replica of an old British replica of an British theatre and is the culture hub of Shimla. No vehicular traffic is allowed on the Ridge,Mall Road and Lakkar Bazaar.A passenger lift run by HPTC links the cart Road andd the Mall.
Kali Bari Temple:Kali bari temple situated near the Scandal Point towards the General Post office .The idol of Goddess shamla is enshrined here.

Jakhoo Temple: THe lord hanuman temple set atop of the jakhoo Hill. it is the higest peak of shimla.
State Museum: it lies on the western edge ojf the town and exhibits ancient Sculptures and Pahari miniature paintings of the state.

Foods and Shopping guide of Shimla

How to reach Shimla

Shimla is the city which is well connected by air road and railhead
Airport:Jubbarhatti is nearst Airport Shimla (13km)
Railhead: Shimla is connected with the famous toy train . The nearest broad gauge railway station is at Kalka (90km)
Road: connected by road

Travelling in Shimla

Travel Tips for Shimla Trip

Don’t forget to carry Passport Inc. Visa, Cash Card, Credit Card, Health Insurance Card if any, Vaccination Booklet, Program Booklet, Important Phone Numbers and Extra Passport Copy.

carrying the warm clothes with them . Carry your Sunglasses, party clothing and representative clothingAnd also carrying the warm clothes with them .

Carry your sun cream, hand sanitisers, soap/Shampoo, personal medicines and antidiarrheal medicines.

In terms of Electronics, must carry your phone+charger, photo-video cam, E-banking.

Other miscellaneous things to carry are travel guide, books/magazines, playing cards, neck-pillow, sleeping mask, towel and money belt.

Map of Shimla

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