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Charming Chamba founded by Raja Sahil Varman in  early 10 Century , nestles on a plateau on the right bank of river Ravi, like a Medieval italian Village fortress .it is Known for ornately carved temples palaces and stylised buildings.

History of Chamba

According to early history of is believed that this area was at time inhabited by certain Kolian tribes,which were later, subjugated by the Khasas. The Khasas too after a time came under the way of Audumbaras. The Audmabaras had republican form of government and worshiped Shiva as their principal deity. From the Gupta period the Chamba region was under the control of Thakurs and Ranas who considered themselves superior to the low tribes of Kolis and Khasas. With the rise of Gurjara Pratiharas  the Rajput Dynasties came to power.

In circa 500 A.D., a legendry hero called Maru migrated to north-west from Kalpagrama and founded Brahamputra  in the valley of the Budhal river, seventy five kilometer to the east of present Chamba town. His successors continued to rule over the country from that capital city for over three hundred years until Sahilla Varman shifted his capital from Brahamputra to the more centrally located plateau in the lower Ravi valley. He named the town after his beloved daughter Champa. His rani voluntarily offered herself as a scarifies to bring water for the town’s people through a running channel which takes origin at a place called Bhalota. The layout of the plan of Chamba seems to be in conformity with the ancient texts. From then on the rajas of Chamba continued to rule from here in an uninterrupted and direct line of descent.

Aurangzeb once issued orders to the Raja of Chamba Chatter Singh to pull down the beautiful temples of Chamba. But instead the raja in clear defiance to the Mughal ruler placed glided pinnacles on the temples. He was ordered to come down to Delhi to face the imperial wrath. But Aurangzeb himself had to leave for the Deccan from where he could not disentangle till the end of his life..

In the last quarterof 18th centaury the Sikhs forced the hill states to pay tribute to them. Maharaja Ranjit Singh deposed the hill prices including the more powerful Kangra ruler Sansar Chand Katoch but spared Chamba in lieu of the services Wazir Nathu had rendered him on two occasions.
In 1809 A.D. the Wazir had made himself Useful to the Maharaja by negotiating his agreement with Raja Sansar Chand Katoch, of Kangra. Again in A.D.1817 he had saved Ranjit Singh’s life by offering his horse at a critical moment during formers winter campaign in Kashmir. After Ranjit Singh’s death Chamba became un-protected and was drawn into the vortex of the disintegration of the Sikh Kingdom. The Sikh army invaded the British territory in A.D. 1845 and the troops of Sikh army, which were stationed in Chamba, were with drawn.
When Sikh’s were defeated it was decided to merge Chamba in Jammu and Kashmir but on account of the timely intervention of Wazir Bagha it was taken under the British control and subjected to the annual tribute of 12,000 rupees.

On 15th April 1948 merging three principal states formed A.D. Himachal…. Chamba, Mandi-Suket, Sirmour and all the other state falling in Shimla hills.

Culture of Chamba

Things to do in Chamba

Laxmi Narayana Temple: The richly carved temple complex in ‘ Shikara ‘style was buiklt by Sahil Varman in the 10th century. Other shrine in the complx are Radha Krishna temple ,Shiva Temple of Chandergupta  and Gauri Shankar Temple

Hari Rai Temple: The 11th century temple dedicated to the lord Vishnu.

Chaugan: This grassy ground is a punblic promenade  in the heart of chamba it is a centre for all acrivities the most important being the famous Minjar Fair .

Bharmaur: This original capital of Chamba state is studded with a number of ancient temples and monuments. the most important existing shrine are Manimahesh, and Nar Singh.


Foods and Shopping guide of Chamba

How to reach Chamba

Chamba is the beautiful city of Himachal Pardesh is well connected by rail,By Road and By Air.
Rail head: Rishikesh railway station is the nearest railhead which is about 71 km away. The station is well connected to many major cities in India.
Airport:Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the nearest airport to Chamba. It is 80 km away from Chamba
By Road: Chamba bus station is about 3 km away from the heart of the town.

Travelling in Chamba

Travel Tips for Chamba Trip

Don’t forget to carry Passport Inc. Visa, Cash Card, Credit Card, Health Insurance Card if any, Vaccination Booklet, Program Booklet, Important Phone Numbers and Extra Passport Copy.

Alaways carrying the warm clothes with them . Carry your Sunglasses,

Carry your sun cream, hand sanitisers, soap/Shampoo, personal medicines and antidiarrheal medicines.

In terms of Electronics, must carry your phone+charger, photo-video cam, E-banking.

Other miscellaneous things to carry are travel guide, books/magazines, playing cards, neck-pillow, sleeping mask, towel and money belt.

Map of Chamba

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