Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Allahabad is situated in Uttar Pradesh, it is a famous city of North India.

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Allahabad a city in the state of UP., India is regarded as one of the sacred city. The confluence of Ganga Yamuna and Saraswati has given the city the cultural and religious importance. The city also carries the civilization of around 3000 years old. The city has given birth to the personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Jawahar Lal Nehru. The city has witnessed great history along with the Independence from British Rule. Today Allahabad is a quietly prooerous provincial centre the broad tree, lined avenues, of the Civil Lines Area contrasting with congested bustle of the old city.

History of Allahabad

The city carries the history of 3000 years old, one of the oldest city of India and the world carrying the cultural, religious and political importance. The city has witnessed many ups and down along with different ruler ruling the state like Ashoka, Maurya, Mughal and British Rule. The city is also the witness for the Independence of India from British Rule. Many freedom fighter were connected with the history of the city. Hiuen Tsang the Buddhist monk visited the city in 643 AD and described the prosperity and fame of  the city in golden words.

Culture of Allahabad

Ganga has been more than river to the people of India. Vedas have sung and hym in praise of the city. Since, Sangam passess through the heart of the city, the people are very traditional and religious. In early centuries the city was also known as Prayag in Sanskrit that means sacrifice and later around 15th century it was named by Akbar as Allahabad.

Things to do in Allahabad

Sangam: This is the point where Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati combine to form Sangam. People take  dip holy bath in the river, belief is that a dip in Ganga wash away all the sin of life.

Akbar’s Fort and Patalpuri Temple: Made by Akbar at northern bank of Yamuna the fort has high walls and now is covered by Indian Army. And the temple inside is full of crowd, and the coin is offered in large numbers.

Anand Bhavan: This picturesque two storey building is shrine to the Nehru family. This stately home is where Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel successfully planned the overthrow of British raj. It is full of books, photos, personal effects of the stirring time. Indira Gandhi was married to this place.

Foods and Shopping guide of Allahabad

Civil Line: This is the famous shopping destination of the city. Departmental store, boutique along with bookshop are available around.

Chowk: This is the traditional market of Allahabad selling garments, vegetable and sweets along with religious paraphernalia like vermilion powder, flower etc.

Kanha shyam: Located at Strachey road, this three star restaurant serves veg and non–veg both to the people of the city.

Connoisseur Restaurant: Located at civil line M. G. Road this is favourite restaurant to the people of the city serving quality food with unique taste.

How to reach Allahabad

Rail: Allahabad railway junction is the main line operating trains to different part of city and state. Trains from many places connect the city.

Road: Many National Highway passes through city, Buses connect to all part of state and to some major cities of the nation.

Air: Allahabad airport is the main airport operating domestic flights. The airport is 12 km away from the city.

Travelling in Allahabad

Autorickshaw and Rickshaw: Autorickshaw and rickshaw are available in the city to travel from one point to another. You can use it as these are the cheapest mode of local travel.

Taxi: The best and comfortable way to travel in the city is taxi, you can book it at the negotiable amount, it also saves your time and save from sunlight.

Minibus: There are minibuses on some fixed routes. You can explore the point of interest in the city on the minibus also.

Travel Tips for Allahabad Trip

Carry Passport Inc. Visa, Cash Card, Credit Card, Health Insurance Card if any, Vaccination Booklet, Program Booklet, Important Phone Numbers and Extra Passport Copy.

Carry your sun cream, hand sanitizers, soap/Shampoo, personal medicines and ant diarrheal medicines.

Avoid wearing too short clothes. Carry your Sunglasses, party clothing and representative clothing.

In terms of Electronics, must carry your phone+charger, photo-video cam, E-banking.

Other miscellaneous things to carry are travel guide, books/magazines, playing cards, neck-pillow,

Map of Allahabad

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