Why India

History is evident that India posses a distinctive character in the world as far as the different historical and geographical background is concerned.

India is the only country in the world which possesses all sorts of climate, whether It is cold, Summer or rainy.

India is the most sought after TRAVELLERS’ DESTINY as it is a mini world. India is a treasure island for a guest traveller. It possesses all the requisite characters a traveller needs while visiting a country for fun and exposure.

“Athithi Devo Bhava”

India is the only country where guests are treated as “God” as our country go by the principal of “Athithi Devo Bhava” which means “guests are to be treated as God”. It is evident from our history that when it comes to hospitality, India always stands out in its performance and duty towards its guest. Moreover, our works of epic also suggest to treat guests as god as the treatment they get from you is the message for others and the satisfaction of a guest is our reward.


As far as India is concerned, English is spoken in most parts of India. Apart from Hindi, English is the official language of India, so there is no language barrier for all prospective guest travellers who are willing to land in India for a tour because of the friendly use of English language in India bridges the gap between the guest traveller and the people of India.


India is no expensive in respective of tourist destination. It is very affordable and in a very reasonable price you can get world’s best facilities as far as fooding, lodging and conveyance is concerned. Mind you, apart from affordable, India is adorable because of Its unique touristic character and nature which attracts every tourist to know more and more about itself. It is a kind of treasure to explore, and touring is nothing but an exploration and the more you explore the more you broadens your mind.

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